What is Covered ?

  • Cancellation cover if You are prohibited from travelling to Your destination

  • Curtailment cover if You are forced to Evacuate from Your destination

  • Curtailment cover if You wish to curtail Your Trip

In addition to Your standard cover You can add the following benefits :


Note: Section 12 only applies if You have opted to purchase the Terrorism Disruption Cover and this is
shown in Your Schedule of Insurance. We will pay You up to the sum insured shown in Your Schedule of

Sections 1.1.1 to 1.4 – Cancellation or Curtailment is extended to include the following cover.

We will pay up to the amount shown in Your Schedule of Insurance for Your part of the unused travel
and accommodation costs (including unused pre-booked excursions) that have been paid or where there
is a contract to pay that cannot be recovered from anywhere else if it is necessary to cancel or curtail the
planned Trip because of any of the following events involving You or a travelling companion that first
occur during the Period of Insurance:
a) You were not able to travel and use Your pre-booked accommodation; or
b) the Trip was cancelled or curtailed before completion as a result of the travel advice unit of the
Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), the World Health Organisation (WHO) or any other
regulatory authority in a country to/from which You are travelling issuing a directive prohibiting all
travel or all but essential travel to, or recommending evacuation from, the country or specific area
or event to which You are travelling due to Terrorist Activity, providing the directive came into
force after You purchased this insurance or booked the Trip (whichever is the latter), or in the case
of curtailment, after You had left Your Country of Residence to commence the Trip.

In addition to the General Conditions and Exclusions on pages 14 to 19:
1. Package holidays are not covered by this section of cover.

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